Here in the South the weather goes from cold to hot. There isn’t much in between. My friends in the Midwest and North are still battling winter chills. We may not have spring outside, but we can have it inside with these cute, easy picture plaques. All products purchased in the WalMart craft section. Choose your own degree of difficulty-Super Easy or Easy.

Super Easy

White Wash Pallet Plank

Wooden Alphabet Tiles

Clothespins plus Wood Die-Cuts (1o decorated clothespins, two wood die-cuts, and jute string included in one package)

Plus, my own hot glue gun and glue

Instructional Video Below


White Wash Pallet Plank

Go Create Wooden Alphabet Tiles

Horizon Wooden Clothespins

Organic Element Wood Buttons

Leisure Arts Light Brown Hand Sewn Flower (I glued my own buttons in the middle of the flower. The above buttons will look lovely there as well.)

Plus, my own acrylic paint and hot glue gun with glue

Instructional Video Below