Psalm 100:1

Birds flit from tree to tree, chirping at the tops of their lungs. Bright yellow daffodils burst from the ground. Cool winds blow through the trees. The earth definitely makes a joyful noise in spring. These elements of nature bring happiness with their very existence. Likewise, you bring God joy by simply existing. He created you. When you make that goofy smile he designed, you bring him joy. When you use the gift of organization he wove into to you, he’s glorified. Whenever you walk according to his plan for you, he sings. So, be like the yellow daffodils and shout God’s name simply by being you.

Psalm 100:2

War-The horrible topper sitting on the last few years. When we’ve had such hard times, worshipping and serving with gladness seems impossible. Yet, there is always cause for joy. We can lift our hands, praising God for our salvation. We can shout for our forgiveness and dance for God’s grace. No matter what happens in the world, we can be glad we have an eternal home. Whenever the news gets you down this week, pull up your favorite praise song and sing with joy for all God has done for you.

Peck worshipping to a televised church service while quarantining.

Psalm 100:3

We are the sheep of his pasture. What a comforting thought! No matter what happens in the world around us, we need to remember we are citizens of a spiritual kingdom. Our true ruler protects, provides for, and preserves us. He never changes and will not abandon us. In him, we can find peace when we follow his guidance.

Psalm 100:4

Unlike the temple of the Old Testament, we no longer have courts and gates. But we do have a church parking lot and doors. Do you drive in on a Sunday morning thanking God for all he’s done for you? Do you walk in the door ready to praise? Often our minds are on worries of the week, that fight we had with our spouse, or what we’re having for lunch. Church is the place we’re supposed to lay aside worldly cares and focus on God’s glory. It’s the time to give thanks and bless to his name. This Sunday try to leave the world at home and enter his house with praise.

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Psalm 100:5

It seems everyone online has a different notion of what is good, and those definitions change every few years. I’m thankful God defines what is good and does not change. We can rely on his truth, mercy, and grace for eternity. As Easter approaches, we’re reminded of the depths of his love, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Worship and praise acknowledge God’s many holy qualities. Want a reason to sing with joy? Sing because God is good.

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