The stores are doing all the Christmas things now. Why can’t I? I want the season to be spiritual as well as fun, but I don’t have the ability to do an activity for every day of December. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I am unable to keep up with any sort of daily plan. Even those calendars with candy stump me! I miss several days, and Peck ends up with a gold mine of chocolate at bedtime. So, I celebrate Advent. It’s a liturgical tradition that works well for me because it’s only once a week and steeped in spiritual truth.

However, celebrating advent does take a bit of planning. You need wreaths, candles, scriptures to read, etc. I create my own readings and activities, but there are many options online. Christian Book Distributers also sells many wonderful products for Advent.

My goal isn’t to educate on a specific denominational definition of the Advent season. The Bible does not dictate any ritual in regard to celebrating Jesus’s birth. Here’s the six5mom version:

The Basics


Advent means to wait on something significant. During the four weeks preceding Christmas, we meditate not only on Christ’s coming birth, but also His return. That’s accomplished through focus on specific attributes: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.


Advent begins the fourth Sunday preceding Christmas. This year that falls on November 27th. In the six5mom house, it will begin sometime that week. We will observe an attribute each week, even if the specific days may vary.  


Four candles, three purple and one pink, rest in a wreath often decorated with evergreens. Week one, light a purple candle representing Hope. Read related scripture and say a prayer. If you’re really with it, add a small activity to clarify the spiritual concept for your kids. The next week, light the Hope candle while you review. Then ignite another purple candle for Love. Read related scripture and say a prayer. Again, throw in a simple activity if you want. Week three, light the Hope and Love candles, and then the pink Joy candle. Repeat the scripture, prayer, activity process. The last week before Christmas, ignite the purple Peace candle after lighting the previous candles along with family reading of scripture and prayer. Some traditions add a white candle to represent Christ. Light this one on Christmas Eve or Day.

Celebrating Advent will guide your family through the true meaning of the Christmas season without adding stress. Next week I’ll post our activities for this year. You can also scroll through my past posts on Advent for more ideas. Have a blessed holiday season!

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