I cannot emphasize how much I love this book. It’s my go-to for little kids.

If You Ever Want to Bring and Alligator to School, Don’t! by Elise Parsley


Peck loved this song when he was little and wanted to sing it over and over again.


Review these alligator facts.

As you read, alligator moms lay their eggs and cover them with dirt. This fun activity demonstrates this behavior.

Materials: Plastic Easter eggs, small alligator toys or drawings, a plastic container, dirt or sand.


  • Fill plastic eggs with alligator toys.
  • Place eggs in bottom of container.
  • Cover with dirt or sand.
  • Allow student to dig in the dirt, find the eggs, and open them.


Materials: green clothespin or one painted green, green pipe cleaners, green paper, glue, paint brush, googly eyes, and a Sharpie

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