I didn’t post this when we started school because often life goes differently than I thought it would, and my carefully crafted schedule falls apart. But we’ve managed to keep this up for two months. I figured it was time to put it out there.


  • 9:00 AM: chores
  • 10 AM-noon: school. We always start with Bible, then, the order varies depending on the day.
  • Noon-1:30 PM: lunch and break
  • 1:30 PM-?: complete school assignments (takes 4-6 hours depending on subject matter)


  • Monday-Thursday: Academics-Bible, Math, Language Arts, History, Science
  • Friday: Enrichment-cooking, science experiments, art, music, field trips, etc.
  • Cafe Day: We go to a local cafe one day a week. Peck works on school, and I write. It’s Peck’s favorite day of the week.


  • 4H: We have an awesome homeschool 4h club that meets once a month. The students give small speeches, and the class learns about a topic. This year our theme is farm to table.
  • Field Trips: I’m planning on at least one big trip a month.


  • Year-Round Schooling: I’m managing a schedule this year, but I know our life still needs room for flexibility. Year-round allows us space for spontaneity, health issues, and family trips.

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