I have a short attention span, which applies to my decorating. I don’t want my house to look the same season to season or year to year. The way to change things up without breaking the bank is to buy a few expensive items and supplement them with cheap stuff. This year, I spent a bit more than normal because I didn’t decorate for fall last year. I bought from Pop Shelf and the bargain section at Target. Note: I’m not paid to promote. I’m just sharing my finds with you.


Here I’ve used the vase from Pop Shelf along with pumpkins and figurines from Target to offset my scripture painting. Stacking the green pumpkins created variety in height and dimension.

The heavy wooden pillar from Pop Shelf anchors the smaller decorations. The mushroom candle holder and pumpkin from Target add to the whimsical feel. I bought the painting and sculpture from a local store. It does have an online shop! I’ll provide links below.

Fantastical elements always play a role in my decorating. I do write science fiction and fantasy, after all. The adorable owl is hand-carved wood. It’s also from a local store with an online presence (link below). I set off the gnomes with mushroom candle holder and a pumpkin from Target. Duplicates of these two items were also placed in other areas of the mantle to balance the display.

Den and Entry

Target pillows (cat not included)

Local Stores and Artisans

Raving Reviews

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