Harlem Stomp! by Laban Carrick Hill can be purchased here or on Amazon.

Reading Plan

Day 1: Stomp! pages 118-120. View The Art Story and Wikiart.

Day 2: Stomp! page 121. View The Arts in New York City. Read Stomp! pages 124-125. View Howard Greenberg Gallery (Only first eight or nine photos. There are nudes present in the collection)

Day 3: Stomp! pages 91-93. Watch Videos.

Day 4: Stomp! pages 94 and 95. Watch video.


Visual Arts: Choose one or if you have a creative kid, do all three.

Painting: Follow this video.

Sculpture: Augusta Savage’s piece Gamin was a depiction of her nephew. Using clay or playdough sculpt the face of a family member.

Photography: Take a photo of a family member. Then use an editing program to add jewelry like James Van Der Zee did in his photos.

Music: Have your child choose one of the three pieces of music above. Complete the worksheet while listening to the song. Lyrics for “Heebie Jeebies” can be found here and “It don’t mean a Thing” can be found here.

Download worksheet here.

Let them read what they want to read!

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