When choosing curriculum, I take into account three things: my homeschool mission statement, my past experience, and what our overall lifestyle looks like for the year.

To learn more about homeschool mission statements, you can watch this video.


Developing Godly character is the first tenent of our homeschool. Positive Action provides excellent Bible curriculum for all ages. Peck enjoyed the format and retained what he learned last year, so I knew I wanted to use them again. Independence is another aspect of our mission statement. Sword Grip from Scripture Memory Fellowship helps Peck take responsibility for his own memorization by providing tear sheets and stickers to mark progress.


With both of my boys, I’ve tried multiple math products, and Math-U-See works best for my family. The video instruction explains concepts clearly, the manipulatives help them visualize the problems, and the worksheets provide enough practice without overtaxing them. Peck is halfway through Epsilon and will move into Zeta about mid-year. Here’s a pic of me fangirling over Steve Demme, the creator of Math-U-See.

Language Arts

This year, my life is calmer. I can provide Peck with individualized, consistent instruction. So, I chose multiple language arts products as opposed to an all-in-one book. Starting with spelling, I trust Demme math. Choosing SpellingYouSee by the same company seemed like a no-brainer. Peck needs rules and structure to follow. Institute for Excellence in Writing works perfectly for students with that learning style. I have used Evan-Moor on and off for years. Their single topic workbooks have clear directions and are easy to use. I chose this editing text because it doesn’t require much handwriting (Peck will be doing enough of that in other subjects), and Peck can check his own work using the teacher edition. Lastly, we’ll be using The Generic Literature Guide with all of our reading. The guide allows Peck to read whatever he wants, which lines up with my mission goal of creativity.

History and Science

We used Pace for these subjects last year because our constantly changing life dictated curriculum Peck could complete without much input from me. He enjoyed the format and retained the information, so I decided to use the books again this year.


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