My novel Lost in the System launches next Tuesday, September 7! My book’s birthday celebrates years of work and God’s great glory. Find out what it’s about, what others say about my book, and watch a videos about Lost in the System.

What’s it about?

Jaded, 24th century grifter Smullian O’Toole has been sentenced to 1000 days of Life Modification Therapy. The system transports his consciousness into different 21st century hosts. On day 777, he hears a disembodied voice utter, “Father to the Fatherless.” What seems a simple code hiccough traps him in hosts associated with missing teen, David Hawthorne. As he attempts to find the boy, Smullian is plunged into the depths of his own childhood trauma, peeling back the façade he’s placed between himself and the world. Smullian thought the Father to the Fatherless only cared about David but realizes the Father also wants to save him.

What do others say about it?

“Nancy Jo Wilson has found a way to weave together science fiction, faith, and contemporary society in surprising and page turning ways. I can honestly say I’ve rarely seen a male protagonist so well-rendered by a female author.” Hunter Baker, Dean of Arts and Sciences Union University

Lost in the System is an entertaining, insightful, and fast-paced time-travel book with a twist. Author Nancy Wilson weaves a unique and fascinating story around Smullian O’Toole, a likable “grifter” who has landed in trouble with 24th-century legal authorities. Smully’s time-traveling adventures are sometimes hilarious and often poignant as he barrels toward a surprising and powerful resolution. Well done!” Kay DiBianca, award-winning author of The Watch on the Fencepost and Dead Man’s Watch. 

What inspired it? Who are the main characters?

Where can I buy it?

Lost in the System is available for download at your favorite online distributer. AND the paperback version will be available online and in brick and mortar stores starting Tuesday. Preorder today or hit up those stores next week 🙂

Where can I learn more?

Go to my author website for more information. Or you can subscribe to this page and get the first chapter for free.

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