I’ve expressed before that my life and homeschool needs to be fluid. As a result, our homeschool curriculum changes from year to year. Between my book launch and my father’s recovery from another cancer, there isn’t time for me to plan and execute lessons. Along with the criteria in our mission statement, I also need materials that encourage individual learning and are portable. Online school can fit those requirements. However, Peck didn’t seem retain much of what he learned. So, we’re trying workbooks.


I chose Possessing the Land from Positive Action for Christ, Inc. The workbook is easy for Peck to understand and follow. It also includes bright illustrations, which Peck likes. In fact, he told his cousins Possessing the Land was his favorite subject so far this year. I like this curriculum because it gives Peck a basic overview of the whole Old Testament. I feel he’s reached the age where he needs to understand the flow of scripture, not just learn isolated stories.


First of all, we use Math-U-See because it just works. No other curriculum has helped my boys learn more. Second, the curriculum comes with instruction videos. This allows Peck to learn on his own. Now the manipulatives don’t quite meet the portable standards, but we can tear out pages from the workbook, taking only what we need. So, there’s a trade-off. We’re finishing AIM to improve his multiplication recall and, then, moving on to Epsilon.


I’ve always liked the format of Bob Jones English. The curriculum alternates grammar and punctuation with writing. My boys enjoy switching back and forth between concepts. This year the Writing and Grammar book fits well into our lifestyle. In essence, I get two books for the price of one. This helps the portability issue by cutting down on resources. Plus, we are able to pull out only the pages we need when we travel.


I firmly believe children should read what they want to read. The Generic Literature Guide that Sorella and I wrote fits our educational requirements as well as our independence and portability standards. The guide was written for upper elementary students and older to follow themselves. Additionally, I can print out whichever pages we need when we need them. So, I don’t need to lug another book around with me.

Social Studies and Science

A friend recommended the A.C.E. Pace curriculum. It’s designed for individual study and broken into small workbooks–Perfect for our homeschool this year.

I hope this helps with your homeschool curriculum decisions this year. I’ll keep you updated on what’s working for us and what isn’t.

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