Homeschooling. The great adventure.

How did I get here?

I have asked myself that question many times over the last 20 + years when I have sat in the pre-dawn dark, coffee clutched in my hand, strategizing over yet another way to explain how division is the opposite of multiplying.

I also asked that question when one of my children informed a museum docent, very politely, that the explanation for a museum display was a theory—not a fact. Every homeschooler asks the question one time or another.

There are different reasons for homeschooling: faith, challenges with the local school district, health of a child, special educational needs, flexibility needs of a family, and more. The decision to homeschool was a yearlong process for me. I had started my own instructional design business and was enjoying success in my field. But some of those reasons above swirled in my mind. Over months I pondered them, then the final reason jumped out loud and clear.

My amazing 5-year-old, redheaded, wonder girl was in a private, Christian school with a fantastic reputation. I noticed her sparkle was dimming. She mentioned that she had missed playground time because she didn’t finish her work fast enough. This had apparently happened more than once.  In. Kindergarten.

After a lot of prayer for my attitude and anger, I met with her teacher. She was enthusiastically sure that my sparkly girl would be motivated to increase her speed so she could join her friends. After all, we have to develop good academic habits early! We eventually agreed to disagree, and I became more of a fixture there until the end of the year, which was mercifully close.

I knew then that no child of mine would ever be made to feel that their best efforts were not enough.

The knock on the door of my heart of homeschool that began a year previously had been answered. My sparkly girl would eventually be diagnosed with ADD. Because of homeschooling, I found all kinds of ways to help her develop the ability to pull her thoughts and focus back to her work.

How did I get here? By looking for ways to educate my child that weren’t punitive and shame based.

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