What’s your perfect Getaway day?

In the six5mom house, it includes good food, God’s creation, and, well, more food. We’re eaters and readers with the physique to show it!

We started at a Hibachi restaurant. The chef amazed Peck with his antics, and Hubby showed off his prowess by catching a small ball of rice in his mouth. Of course, the important part was the food, which was delicious. Fried rice and yum yum sauce make everything better.

Next up was the Georgia Aquarium. Nothing refreshes my soul better than being surrounded by God’s creation. The exhibits display his handiwork and creativity. Fish of every color imaginable darted in and out of green kelp. Leafy sea dragons and fluorescent jellies looked like they sprang from a fantasy novel. But the enormous whale shark trumps them all with his gentle majesty. Romans 1:20

We capped off the day at Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Hubby loves the wide variety of international foods, and I enjoy watching the blend of people. My writer’s mind overflows from the parade of colors and styles of clothes as well as the snippets of different languages that fill the air. Hubby loaded our cart with exotic fruits, veggies, and spices while I bought foods for an upcoming taste challenge with Tech and Peck.

After a hard couple of months, we all needed time to bond, laugh, and reconnect. What about you? Now that more and more places are opening nationwide is it time for your family to have a Getaway Day?

Sorella and I are premiering a literature guide for my first novel Escape the Amoz at the FPEA convention this month. Come by booth #1227 and see us 🙂