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Although Lost is science fiction, you do not need to be a science fiction fan to enjoy this story. It appeals to readers of all genres, as Judy Karge explains.

“Science fiction is not my go-to genre when choosing a new book: I prefer a good crime mystery. Yet I was intrigued by the summary of Lost in the System. I’m so glad I opted to read it! This story punches in from the first paragraph, introducing the reader to Smullian O’Toole, a young grifter from the twenty-fourth century. He readily admits being guilty, and is comfortable participating in a new method of prisoner rehabilitation. The author skillfully creates a character who is likeable, interesting, irreverent, intelligent and adaptive in his circumstances. The story takes on a deeper edge when a “glitch” in this future-based system creates a multifaceted mystery. There are no dull moments in this fiction. Most amazing for me was that embedded in this well-written, sci-fi mystery are thoughts and truths about faith, strength, hope and love that have kept me thinking long after the last page was turned.”

Judy Karge–author of A Light in the Darkness: A Reflection on Proverbs