Below are a couple of simple Bible Study Methods. Feel free to download and share with your Sunday school, Women’s Group, or homeschool class.

Basic Questions Bible Study

This first method uses the questions we all learned in kindergarten to glean truths from God’s Word. Click here to download a blank worksheet.


Verses    Exodus 12:40-42
Who? Is speaking? Is being spoken to? Is narrating? Etc.Moses is narrating.
When? OT or NT? Before or after Jesus? During which ruler? Etc.After the Angel of Death passed through Egypt
The end of the Israelite slavery in Egypt
The last day of the 430th year of slavery  
What? Is happening? Is being said? Is the outcome? Etc.The people are finally leaving Egypt!
This Passover night should be commemorated yearly
Where? Did this take place? Were they told to go? Etc.Took place in Egypt.
Why? Did this occur? Was this said? Etc.  To rescue God’s people
Passover will be celebrated to remember what God has done for his people
How? Can I apply this to my life? Did God show up? Etc.I can take comfort, knowing that God keeps his promises. Just as he delivered Israel—I know he can deliver me. I can trust in his word.

Literal/Living Bible Study

This method uses a study Bible or commentary. If you don’t own one of these, offers free online options. Click here to download a blank worksheet.

Passage Write the scripture in your own words or, if a longer section, summarize2 Corinthians 2:14-17
God uses us to spread his knowledge everywhere. Our lives are like perfume wafting up to him. Unbelievers don’t smell the good fragrance but, instead, smell decay from the Gospel. We, ministers, take our job seriously because God is watching.  
Literal Use a resource to study the passage’s meaning based on history, culture, context, etc.Some people in the Corinthian church have spread rumors about Paul. They say he is unreliable and a liar. He is defending himself and his actions before Christ and this congregation.          
Living How is the Holy Spirit using this passage to speak to you? How does the HS want you to apply this passage to your life?Am I living in a way that rises up to God like a sweet perfume?
Also, I need to be sure that what I teach is grounded in God’s Word and not my opinions. That way I know I am “preaching the word of God with sincerity and with Christ’s authority.”