Even in hard times, there are always moments of beauty, moments of love, and moments of joy. However in the midst of our troubles, it’s easy to forget those moments. That’s why I’m thankful for our society’s obsession with pictures because remembering those happy moments just takes a scroll through my photo gallery. I thought I’d share those snapshots with you today–just as I shared my struggles with you on Monday. I hope they make you smile like they did me.

Glimpses of God’s Creation


Cause when you’re feeling down, nothing lifts you like tiramisu in a chocolate teacup.

Family, Family, Family

Husband and Son

Whenever I travel, Hubby, Peck, and I keep in touch through pictures. Some show what we’re doing at the moment. Others embody our collective goofiness. But they all help us feel close though we are miles apart.

Finally, finally being able to share this news!

Tech and Jewel are expecting their first child, our first grandchild. I’ve decided I shall be called Most Awesome Grandma Supreme or Mags for short.

In tough times, the best therapy is to seek out the moments of joy. Streams of God’s blessings weave through our deserts, and, if we choose to follow them, our hearts will be lighter 🙂