I’m not a mom that bakes for the holidays. But I do seasonal crafts and activities with my boys…or I did. As my life has gotten more complicated over the last few years, I’ve done even less. I want a warm and joyous atmosphere in my house, but what I want to do and what I can do aren’t the same thing.

I could beat myself up about this change in my life, or I could find a compromise. A wise woman once told me when she was a single mom, she had a shelf in the living area of her home. She would dress up the shelf for the seasons and holidays. “I couldn’t do the whole house, but I could decorate that one shelf,” she said.

Applying her philosophy, I’ve chosen the mantle over my fireplace to be my one shelf. That’s why I was in Hobby Lobby. I wanted to find a birdhouse to match some cool, painted eggs I bought at World Market. I found the perfect item, but it was broken. There weren’t any others like it. After wandering the store, I located these super cute flowers. Redressing the birdhouse took less than thirty minutes and few materials, which made it a doable project for my busy life.

Making your house warm and bright doesn’t have to be difficult–find your one shelf and choose easy crafts 🙂

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