Peck and I roll out of bed late because the Foundling decided it would be fun to wake us up multiple times in the early morning hours. Hopefully, getting him fixed will reduce his hyperactivity. I tell Peck to get going on his chores and school, while I go throw a pair of his jeans from the washer into the dryer. I don’t have time to dry the entire load. Why are we rushing around? It’s book club day–our favorite day!

Now, he sleeps.

This year, many of our regular homeschool activities have been cancelled. Book club started this year and continues without a hiccough. It serves as a fun learning experience, mommy/son time, and a playdate all-in-one. Mrs. O the leader started it as a final hurrah. Her last child is in his last year, and Mrs. O wants to make the most of it. I’m thankful for her passion for children’s lit and teaching.

Group discussion with Mrs. O

Peck finishes his school, dons his now dry jeans, and we dash out the door. No time to make lunches, so we drive through Chik Fil A. We munch, dance to Kids Place Live on Sirius XM radio, and play Would You Rather. The twenty-five minute drive to and from book club is our time to hang out and be silly. The downside, or maybe the upside, of homeschooling in a rural community is the long drives. The journey gives Peck and I plenty of mommy/son time.

Mrs. O begins every session with comprehension questions and literary analysis. She’s introduced many concepts such as point of view, types of characters, setting, and more. After the discussion, she divides the children into groups for hands-on projects. Our book Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus inspired fingerprinting, chromatography, and solving logic puzzles. Various moms step in to help out. I love getting to know the kids and the spirit of cooperation between the parents.

Normally after book club, we retire to the playground, where the children run around and the moms talk. Time spent conversing with like-minded women is priceless. Today, however, rain pours from the sky. Undaunted, our kids play tag on the covered sidewalk. We moms sit in the church cafe and watch. Peck and I cap off the day with rolled ice cream from the cafe. Then, Peck and I head home singing, dancing, and playing Would You Rather.

Perfect ending to a wonderful day

I’d love to say I finished drying the clothes and cooked an amazing dinner when I got home. I did not. Book club day wears me out, especially when I didn’t get enough sleep. But that’s fine, Dominos delivers.

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