January is my family’s celebration month–eight birthdays and one anniversary. I think it’s easy to see the inspiration for our poetry theme 🙂

Pittypat and Tippytoe by Eugene Field

This poem celebrates the messy joy that comes with having children.

The Children’s Hour by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Daddy and daughter relationships remain the same regardless of the century.

BonusJemima by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My dad has recited the first verse of this poem to my sister and me since we were little. He still does to this day. However, he substitutes the word “horrid” for our names. For example, “But when she was bad, she was Nancy.”

Brother and Sister by Lewis Carroll

My brother and sister told me my parents found me in a gutter, felt sorry for how ugly I was, and adopted me. Yeah, siblinghood inspires bitter rivalry and fierce devotion. Lewis Carroll’s poem is a fun little romp describing these emotions.

My Mother by Jane Taylor

Writing mushy stuff makes me nervous. This poem expresses how I feel about my mom far better than I can.

Silver Threads among the Gold by Eben Rexford

We also have an anniversary this month. My parents started their 65th year together a couple of weeks ago. These words say all there needs to be said. Note–I couldn’t find the poem online, only lyrics to the song based on it. The picture comes from Mother’s Favorite Verses from House of White Birches Press.

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