Before I get into this post, I wanted to let you know I will have a guest blogger Vicarioush.ome on Friday. Check in to read about the reality of holidays and adopted children.

During Christmas, I shine. I create, make, and decorate with a deep-seated joy in the holiday. Homeschooling takes a break as my children and I dedicate the month to all things Christmas. But, this year is different. My time is limited. I’m juggling more than usual. You can read about it in my recent post.

However, I wanted some fun in the holiday for Peck and myself. Wandering around Dollar Tree, I found these Christmas craft items. They are mostly self-contained (I don’t need to buy any extra materials), easy, and can be completed quickly. This is exactly what I need this year.

Tree Garland

Materials: 1 Package of Foam Christmas Trees, 2 Packages Glitter Stickers, 1 Package small wooden clothes pins, optional 2 packages of Glitter Snowflakes, string, push pins.

Procedure: Place the stickers on the foam trees. Place Push Pins equidistant across door frame or mantle. Drape string across pins. Hang finished trees with clothes pins. The garland looks great as is, but, for extra pop, you can alternate with glitter snowflakes.

I have not made the next few, but plan to between now and Christmas. I will post finished pictures on my Instagram.

Christmas Cards

Materials: 1 package Christmas stamps, 1 book of Christmas stickers, construction paper, pen

Procedure: Fold paper in two halves. Decorate with stickers and stamps. Give to elderly and shut-ins.


I found these cute paintable ornaments. Paint and brushes included. Score! Keep or give to grandparents.

Light up House

I love all things that light up. Nothing brings me more joy than sitting in a dark room surrounded by lit decorations. This project gives Peck and me the chance to make our own.

I hope you enjoy a simple and cheap Christmas this year. 2020 has been stressful enough. We don’t need to cheeriest time of the year to create more stress.

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