I know it’s been awhile since I’ve actually written a post. During the quarantine, I focused on video because people were unable to attend church. But now, I’m back with a little activity for homeschool or family time.


wooden clothespins, acrylic paint (fall colors), solid and patterned paper, leaf template, pencil, string (I grabbed some out of my husband’s tool box), three thumbtacks


  • I bought these cute little clips at Hobby Lobby. Using fall-colored paint, I decorated them with various designs. Either paint them alone or with your kids. Painting relaxes me, so this part was a solo project.
  • I printed pictures of leaves to use as templates. Here is a site where you can find free printables.
  • Peck traced the templates on solid-colored and patterned paper.
  • I cut out the traced leaves.
  • You have two options at this point–the lazy way and the consistent way. I’m lazy. Any project that requires daily input falls apart for me. So, Peck and I chose several things for which we were thankful and wrote them on the solid leaves all at once. A consistent person could save this project for November. Then, have the children write one thing for which they are thankful and add it to the garland each day as a countdown to Thanksgiving.
  • Choose a place to hang the garland–a mantle, door frame, window, etc. Place a thumbtack in the center, and one at each end of your chosen spot.
  • Tie string loosely to the thumbtack on one end. Drape it loosely to the center tack, wrapping it once around. Then, complete the swag by tying it to the other end.
  • Take turns hanging leaves on the string.

I hope you and your family have fun with this little project. 2020 has been stressful! It’s time for some fun and color in our homes.