Many people believe that praying for themselves is selfish or arrogant. This belief is misplaced. The Bible teaches us to prioritize our prayer. Our focus should be on God and others first. (Matthew 6:33, Ephesians 2:3,4) In our challenge this week, we’ve done just that. We’ve praised God and lifted up the needs of others. Now, it’s time to focus a few minutes on our individual needs.


Praying for yourself is hard! We’re so ingrained to think of others that it might be difficult to come up things to ask. The Bible tells us to give all our worries to God. There’s certainly plenty of those floating around right now. Take a few minutes to unload all of your fear and anxiety. Then experience the peace that comes after. The Bible also says that our Heavenly Father enjoys giving us good gifts. Take time to ask him for the things that you need or want, even the silly things. God wants us to ask, but he also wants us to accept that “no” might be the answer.

If you have time, do the following activity focusing on others. Then post pictures on Instagram and tag me @six5mom #Easterweekprayerchallenge.

Scripture Reference and Activity

  1. Gather materials pictured above: Bible, green paper, scissors, Sharpie, tape.
  2. Read I Peter 5:7 and Matthew 7:9-11.
Read scripture.

3. Cut paper into wide strips. Draw a jagged line, resembling grass, across the center of the strip.

Draw line.

4. Cut along the line, dividing the paper into two jagged halves.

5. You may write your worries and needs on the strips of paper or pray them silently as you hold each piece.

6. Tape strips along the bottom of your mural.

Tape to wall.

7. We will continue to add to the mural throughout the week 🙂