As I taught in yesterday’s Sunday School, there’s a lot of chaos surrounding this year’s Easter week. We have so many worries and cares at the moment, it might even be hard to think about the coming holy day. But just as John the Baptist encouraged us to make way for the coming king, I think we need some time to make way in our hearts for Christ this week. We need to clear out all the doubts and fill ourselves with Jesus. So, I’m issuing this prayer challenge. Each day, I’ll post a subject for focused prayer. I encourage all of you to take a few moments to set your thoughts on God. Do this alone or as a family.


While our world wages an invisible war, we need to remember the might of our God. Fear fills us, and worry dominates our social media. Truth combats anxiety. Take a few minutes today to remember our God’s might and strength, as well as his many other attributes. Be specific in your praise. I’m a words of affirmation girl. My husband knows it’s not enough to say I’m a good mother. I want to hear the specific things I do that make me a good mother, like listening to my boys and singing Peck bedtime songs. God is no different. Don’t just say he’s good; take time to list the things he does that are good.

There is subtle difference between thanks and praise. Praise recognizes God’s nature, and thanksgiving recounts the good things he has done. Take time for both today. “Give thanks to him and praise his name.” Psalm 100:4

If you have time, do the following activity focusing on praise. Then post pictures on Instagram and tag me @six5mom #easterweekprayerchallenge.

Scripture Reference and Activity

  1. Gather the materials shown above: Bible, yellow construction paper, scissors, tape, Sharpie, and something round.
  2. Read Psalm 100. Focus on the specific praise and thanks within the verses.
  3. Use the round object to trace a circle on the yellow paper. Then cut it out.
Cut out circle.

4) Write “Give thanks to him and praise his name. Psalm 100:4” on the circle.

Write verse.

5) Cut the remaining paper into strips of various lengths.

Cut paper strips.

6) Write praises and thanks to God on the strips.

Write praises.

7) Find a clear spot on the wall. Tape the circle and strips on the wall, creating a sun. We will add to this mural throughout the week 🙂