I stood on the driveway, amazed by the incoming storm. Wild winds whipped through the treetops, sounding like rushing water. Massive, black clouds rolled in dominating the sky. When the deluge began, I stepped back under our carport and watched as fat drops of rain pelted the ground. I thought about how we humans think we have accomplished so much, yet we have no control over the weather. We can’t even predict it’s movements most of the time. And when dangerous storms approach, all we can do is seek shelter, wait for it to pass, and hope there’s no damage.

But our God can control the weather, if he chooses. He’s held back the rain (I Kings 17), calmed the storm (Matt 8:26), and bombarded the ground with hail (Ex 9:24). Not only can he control the weather, but he created it. When God formed the earth, he set in motion the laws that govern our atmosphere.

We should be awed by God’s strength. Yet, sometimes, I think we forget how big and mighty our Heavenly Father is. The storms of our life seem as daunting and overwhelming as those in the sky, and we feel powerless. Yet we forget there is ONE who is more powerful than any storm.

The last few weeks, I’ve read and reread Psalm 50. It speaks of our awesome God, our big God, our all-powerful God. We’ll be memorizing select verses of this psalm. When life feels overwhelming, these verses can remind us that our God controls the storm.

The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.”  Psalm 50:1 ESV