Over the years of mentoring couples, Hubby and I have seen it all. Marriages struggling under the weight of pornography, adultery, debt, and addiction. It’s easy to assume these people came to know the Lord after these problems arose, but that’s not the case for most. Many of these couples, including Hubby and myself, grew up in the church. We’d been taught God’s ways, but for various reasons chose not to follow His path. The resulting destruction takes years to rebuild. It took Hubby and I eight years to climb out of debt.

The word choice in the this verse is little off-putting, but it’s truth deserves attention. Simply stated, walk in God’s ways when you are young, and you won’t have a mess to clean up when you are older.

And it is good for people to submit at an early age to the yoke of his discipline” Lamentations 3:27.