It’s been a weird couple of weeks. First, I had a head cold that kept me down for several days. Then, I had a medical test that required a couple days of fasting and prep. Finally, I had some much needed renovations done in my kitchen. All of these things combined made me feel scattered mentally and physically. I didn’t post yesterday because I couldn’t marshal my thoughts into a coherent topic.

When I’m like that, the world becomes very loud. Social Media adds to my anxieties, television shows amp up my worries, and regular family life irritates me. I’ve written about my fears before, and this scenario is a breeding ground for them. Beyond the worries, I just can’t think clearly. Everything in my head feels muddled.

The solution, as always, is private worship. When I’m out of routine, I’m also not seeking God. The one constant remedy for my crazy, tangled thoughts is time with the Lord in prayer, meditation, scripture memory, and service. When I’m scattered, I forget that simple truth. In just two days of returning to private worship, I’m more settled and focused. Part of this morning’s study was to record what it’s like when I experience God’s presence. I drew a picture that sums up the peace I’ve felt in the past couple of days.


God often uses multiple sources to get a point across to me. So this week’s memory verses Psalm 46:1,2 reinforces the lesson.

God is our refuge and strength,

   always ready to help in times of trouble.

So we will not fear when earthquakes come

   and the mountains crumble into the sea.

Anxiety and fear are my mountains and earthquakes, and God is my refuge from them. Spending time with Him is my shield from all the thoughts that scatter me.