Tot and I cover core subjects in the mornings. After lunch, we explore electives and review core subjects with games and activities. I wanted to play dice games with Tot, but every activity I found online required some degree of handwriting. Tot’s mild fine motor skill delays exclude these types of activities, so I came up with three of my own.

Download worksheets from my website.

Dice Addition

This game reinforces concepts in addition and aids in visual/motor integration. It can also be modified for subtraction.

These are the steps in the game:

  • In advance, I created the worksheet pictured below.
  • Tot rolls two dice.
  • He draws the dots from each die in the corresponding squares.
  • He adds the dots together.
  • Then, he circles the correct answer.
  • After completing the problem, he says the number sentence out loud.

Dice Place Value

This game reinforces place value of hundreds, tens, and units (ones) and proper naming of numbers. I designed it to augment our Math U See and incorporates Math U See products. However, it could be modified for other brands of math manipulatives.

Here’s how to play:

  • In advance, I drew either two boxes indicating tens or three boxes indicating hundreds on index cards. Staying consistent with the Math U See color scheme, I drew a red box for the hundreds place, blue for tens, and green for units (ones).
  • Tot rolls either two or three dice depending on the number of boxes on the index card.
  • He places one dice in each box.
  • Then, he builds the corresponding number with Math U See manipulatives.
  • After building the number, he says the name.

Dice Comparison

This game reinforces the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal comparisons. Tot hasn’t played it yet. He understands comparisons but hasn’t learned the signs.

Here are the steps:

  • In advance, I drew <, >, and = signs on index cards.
  • Tot rolls two dice.
  • After comparing the two dice, he chooses the proper sign.
  • He places the sign between the die.
  • Then, he says the number sentence out loud.