I mentioned in an earlier post that when cancer had been found in Dad’s lung I didn’t know how to pray. God had brought Dad through so much already: bladder cancer, skin cancers beyond count, heart issues, pituitary adenoma, and that beast Merkel Cell Carcinoma. It felt greedy to be asking God for healing once again. I reasoned, “Dad’s 79. How much more time do I get to ask for?” So I was mute on that subject with the Lord.

I’ve chronicled some of my thoughts about Dad’s recent surgery, but I didn’t mention that during his second week home Dad had to be admitted to the hospital for kidney failure. It was crazy and mind-blowing. However, God used what seemed like a horrible thing to answer a prayer none of us had uttered.

Dad had complained many times that he wanted to be on less medication. He was on so much I had joked that I needed a license from the state to dispense his morning, dinner, and bedtime pills. It had never occurred to any of us to pray that he could be on less meds. I’m not sure why, but it hadn’t.

When he was hospitalized for his kidneys, the nephrologist discovered that since the adenoma had been removed in January some of Dad’s prescriptions were no longer necessary and were, in fact, causing problems. That combined with dehydration had caused his kidneys to shut down. After a couple of days in the hospital, Dad went home stronger and on a third less medications than when he was admitted. It reminded me of Matthew 6:8, “Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!

Back to the lung surgery, I confided with Mom that I hadn’t known how to pray. She told me that she’d been asking God for Dad to have some time to be healthy and enjoy life. The Merkel Cell Carcinoma, the brain tumor, and his heart issues had stolen several years from Dad and, in a very real sense, Mom. That was a concept I could take to my knees. It was easy to ask God that Dad and Mom could have some time to travel and enjoy life.

God answered that prayer. The malignant tumors found in Dad’s lung were not metastasized Merkel Cell as we had feared. The surgery had completely removed the threat, and, at this time, no further action is needed. Dad will not have months filled with chemotherapy and radiation, but will instead have months filled with grandchildren, trips, and a few baseball games.

I was overwhelmed with thankfulness when I heard the news, but more than that I was humbled. Once again God had shown His infinite mercy and grace. Weeks ago, I had felt selfish asking God for yet another healing for Dad. However, God reminded me that I can never ask too much if Him. It isn’t possible to pester Him; His mercy is unending (Lam 3:22). Despite all of my father’s health issues, God has proven Himself to be kind, loving, and faithful.  I am grateful that even though I have known the Lord for such a long time, He is still patient and longsuffering with my uncertainty.