I’m excited to announce that my book Escape the Amoz will be free on Amazon Kindle next Monday March 11 through Wednesday March 13.

Pride turns to anguish as fourteen-year-old Caleb GoodArcher watches his father’s unjust arrest. On that horrible day, Caleb is confronted with the true oppressive nature of the relationship between the technologically-superior Amoz and his people, the Kinz. During the next three years, the Amoz grip tightens as the planet drifts out of its orbit. Dooming it, and its inhabitants, to a never-ending winter.
The mysterious OneCorp offers an escape, but Caleb has to deliver his people from the Amoz first. He struggles to free the Kinz while fighting opposition from within his own community. Who would follow a criminal’s son? With his best friends, his family, and some sympathetic Amoz, Caleb fights for the lives of all the Kinz.